Provides training for students and professionals in audio, video, post production, DVD and Blu-Ray authoring, computer information technology, wireless and wired networking and project management.

Live Streaming

Provides live streaming services for web developed solutions, interactive media and multimedia projects that include sporting, theater, documentaries and conferences.


Provides audio services for live events, events recorded for later editing including training video and CD-ROM production.



DVD Authoring

Provides final post production video product to view on multiple media outlets including television, computer and DVD or Blu-Ray equipment.


Provides video services for live event filming, DVD or video production; industrial videos for businesses showcasing products and services; training videos; DVD and Blu-Ray authoring.

Computer Services

Provides computer services for small and mid-size business including network configuration of client’s facility including wiring building, establishing client/server environment, creating wireless environment; integration of desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices and web development