06.05.2014. Michael Jefferson expands his services to include Live Streaming

With over 20 years in the industry, Michael Jefferson started his company, JCConnect Corporation, to provide project management, consulting and training services to students and customers.  Michael has established his expertise and position as a digital technology and multimedia service provider offering computer, audio, video, security, project management, consulting, training, internet and wireless solutions. Michael provides the complete solution for post production work, DVD & CD-ROM authoring, audio & video design.  

Michael has expanded his multimedia expertise into a full service production facility that has extended into a streaming service for live events. Michael is currently providing instruction and training on streaming services for web developed solutions, interactive media and multimedia projects. 

If a project requires live recording of an event (audio or video), training or industrial videos, and have the content provided to customers on CD, DVD, streamed over the Internet or on television, Michael can take the project from concept to completion regardless of content or delivery size. Additionally, Michael provides custom computer products for the workload intensive areas of graphic design and post production.